Burnham Wharf Fender Upgrade

Burnham Wharf Fender UpgradeLocation:  Miramar, Wellington

Completed:  2016

Project Value:  $145 K

Client:  CentrePort Ltd

The scope of this project included the removal of old tyre fenders, construction of reinforced concrete fender blocks to the side of the wharf and fixing of modern proprietary rubber pad fenders. The work was undertaken on an operational port with no interruptions to bulk refuelling operations for Wellington airport.

A summary of the project scope:

  • Design temporary work platforms that could be removed within 48 hour’s notice to allow for the regular berthing of fuel ships
  • Construction staging to allow fuelling ships to berth with a combination of old and new fenders along the full length of the wharf
  • Demolition work over water
  • Formwork and reinforced concrete construction above water
  • Maintaining site security
  • Strict Health & Safety and Environmental requirements in potentially dangerous bulk refuelling area

The construction methodology and temporary works systems developed for this project by GK Shaw resulted in an accelerated programme completed in two-thirds of the original three-month timeframe expected by the client.

Site-specific Quality, Health & Safety, Environmental and Traffic Management plans were put in place at the start of the project. No incidents or accidents occurred during the construction works. Safety and environmental audits were regularly undertaken by the client and the GK Shaw Quality Manager on site.

The traffic management plan was successfully implemented allowing ship workers and occasional wharf maintenance staff to work on the wharf without interruption. The plan also controlled construction traffic entering and exiting the site along with an easement owned by the neighbouring property. No complaints were received from the neighbouring property owner throughout the project.