What we do

GK Shaw Ltd was established as a civil contracting company in 1937. The Managing Director Graham Shaw has run the company for the last 40 years. The company has undertaken work throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific, with its head office based in Wellington.

GK Shaw has been working on coastal marine structures for the last 25 years. This involves working on potentially high-risk work sites in busy operational ports or public waterfront areas with large numbers of stakeholders.

The company is well regarded for its niche market capability and problem-solving abilities relating to civil construction. The company’s reputation is built on the experienced management staff and their complementary skill sets that often lead to innovative construction techniques with purpose-built plant and equipment.

Typical projects require a high degree of planning and communication with a wide range of stakeholders. They also require strict health & safety, environmental and traffic management planning to allow our clients to maintain operational requirements or keep public areas open throughout the duration of a project.

GK Shaw Ltd management systems comply with ISO9001:2008 (Certified Quality System), AS/NZS4801:2001 (Health and Safety System) and ISO14001:2004 (Environmental Management System).

How we work

The management team has the necessary skills and experience to deal with challenging technical and project management issues associated with small to medium civil projects. We typically limit ourselves to no more than two projects at any one time so our clients are dealing with the same management staff from tender negotiations through to project completion, whether the job lasts a couple of months or a couple of years.

Discussion and resolution with the Engineer to Contract on our projects form a daily part of overcoming issues. The company is non-confrontational, cooperative and communicative, openly discussing ideas and issues to ensure a successful outcome for all project stakeholders.

GK Shaw aims to use the same subcontractors and suppliers where possible that have work experience on wharf construction projects and working with GK Shaw’s project management systems. This ensures consistent performance of construction teams as they deal with challenging working conditions and stakeholder expectations.

GK Shaw has developed relationships with local and international specialist designers and suppliers to assist with the design of composite pile strengthening systems including grouted Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) jackets.

We are often perceived as a small company with fewer resources at our disposal than the big corporate civil construction companies. But rest assured we will not submit a library of CVs with our tender submissions for specialist employees that will never be involved with a project. On our projects, the Managing Director or Company Engineer will typically be on site each day with our Site Supervisor overseeing each step of the project.

GK Shaw strives to provide a personalised no-surprises approach to each and every project that we work on that will exceed client expectations and maximise their return on capital expenditure.